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Super fun "bumper car big fight" come!

★ This is a multi-person connection 3D stereo racing game, each game partition can accommodate up to 32 players to participate in the game.
☆ game random random into the model, without waiting for any other players to join, you can immediately start a multi-person connection game.
★ into the game, as long as in a certain period of time to win the racing flag, collecting Qi five racing flag, you can get rich customs clearance.
☆ encounter opponents of the vehicle, you can not hesitate to hit him down, get additional experience scores. Through the experience of the upgrade, you can get more advanced vehicles.
★ The game provides a total of four racing area, three kinds of enemy vehicles embarrassed, and 156 all kinds of models for players to choose.
☆ players in the course of the game through the collection of gold coins, hit zombies, or get the game props, to enhance their ability to car.
★ game equipped with special voice communication function, and timely chat with online players, fun doubled 

In addition to relying on their own technology in the game, if you can take advantage of the characteristics of the venue, you can more quickly hit the opponent out of the field, to win Oh.
what are you waiting for! Quickly enter the "bumper car chaos fight" pick a car, start the engine, forced to take the throttle, all opponents all hit fly!

Published Oct 28, 2017
GenreAction, Racing
Tags3D, Multiplayer


PlayCarIO.apk 54 MB